Greetings, You've reached John Davison!
I help teams produce and sell software.
Greetings and Welcome!
You've reached John Davison.
I code, manage and empathize.
I help teams produce software.


  •, Founder, CTO, PM, sold and executed on $2.2M in services revenue, 2019 - Current
  •, CTO and PM support scaled from 2 customers in 2015, participated in Y-Combinator, current 80+ customers, 2015-2023
  •, Provided fundraising and PM services enabling team to raise seed funding and participate in Y-Combinator, 2020-2023
  •, Provided CTO and PM services enabling complete rebuild of broken talent management platform, 2021-2023
  •, Provided CTO and PM services while building a greenfield psychometric evaluations platform geared at Private Equity industry, 2023
  •, Provided Full Stack Product Development services to green field a chat app aimed at supporting U.S. base medical doctor community, 2020-2023
  •, Provided CTO services enabling the onboarding of 8 contract engineers resulting in 3 key hires, 2020-2022
  •, Provided Full Stack Product Development services to green field a financial services data synchronization and reporting tool, 2022
  •, As Senior UI Engineer and Internal Tools PM, developed and built core decision making tools that became critical IP, 2017-2018
  •, Built founding product platform enabling future fundraising of $88M including success on Shark Tank, 2015-2016
  •, Helped founder Alyssa Ravaiso make her first moves into programming via Dev Bootcamp leading to founding of HipCamp, 2012


  • Action over perfection
  • Building the future requires having a well reasoned plan
  • Design is a conversational process that enables learning about problems
  • Writing code is basically the opposite of acquiring users
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit, ideas, people, motivational energy
  • Give graceful negative feedback, give authentic positive feedback
  • Be very careful around business deals where the counterparty has no skin in the game
  • Selling is the process of finding someone's budget and then help them spend more
  • A good MVP needs to be 30-50% effective, visually it needs to be a little cringy

Experience Founder, CEO, CTO and PM

A boutique consultancy serving early stage founders, 2019-Current
  • Sold, executed and managed $2.2M in services revenue
  • Sourced and managed 5 designers and 18 developers to support 20,000 billable hours
  • Served founders, provided world class software product development, Senior UI Engineer, Internal Tools PM

Music industry startup aimed at secondary ticket market, 2017-2018
  • Built and managed all internal tools
  • Created visualizations, written from scratch that became core IP
  • Developed engineering recruiting funnel and hiring process, doubled engineering team

Full Stack Web Engineer

Freelance engineer to Bay Area startups, 2013-2017
  • Worked with founding teams at BrightWheel, CrowdSound, Airpair, CodeUnion
  • Provided contracted engineering to Twitch, Appcelerator, Roostify, CloudCity, Threadflip

Technical Skills

  • Full Stack Web Engineering, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Python, Heroku, AWS, Docker, Figma
  • Business Analytics, Excel, Sheets, SQL, DCF/IRR, Xero, Quickbooks, Harvest, Stripe, Plaid
  • Product Operations, Notion, Github, Asana, Linear, Superhuman, Mixpanel, Google Analytics


  • PM HQ - Product Management Certification - 2019
  • Dev Bootcamp - Full Stack Software Engineering - 2012
  • Project Management Professional PMP Certification - 2010
  • Thunderbird - MBA, 3.9 gpa, Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Level I - 2009
  • Dalian University of Foreign Languages - Independent Mandarin Studies - 2007
  • Instituto Cervantes de NĂ¡poles - Independent Spanish Studies - 2005
  • Northern Arizona University - B.S. Environmental Science - 2000

Oh By the Way...
  • My career started as a Logistics Officer in the US Navy
  • Last count, I've seen 90+ countries
  • My first gig in Silicon Valley was a Sales Analyst at HP
  • When I'm not working, I travel, eat healthy food and lift kettle bells
  • I spent 5 years studying martial arts with communites connected to Bruce Lee
  • My swim habits influenced many friends to become members at the Dolphin Club
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